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Pegasus Quantum 912 flexwing microlight

Please Note, the Quantum 912 is no longer available at Wickenby, please visit for flex-wing flights.

The Pegasus Quantum embodies all the core values for a Flexwing microlight aircraft. Design innovation, engineering excellence, superb build quality, a definite sense of style, unequalled comfort and most important of all - peerless flying characteristics. It is an aircraft that proves the old aviation saying 'If it looks right, it probably is right'.

Small wonder then that the Quantum 912, the top model in the Quantum range was chosen by Brian Milton for the first successful global circumnavigation by microlight in 1998.

It was also chosen by competition pilot Simon Baker for his successful bid for the World Microlight Championship.

Not only has the Quantum met or exceeded all the requirements of CAA BCAR Section S, the toughest microlight certification programme in the world, but also the Q2 wing sailed through the German DULV pitch test.

The secondary safety features include 3-point belts in the front, 4-point in the rear, twin rear brakes with a parking brake system which makes start-up safer.

The 600+ Quantums have been flight tested in some of the most extreme conditions around the world and have returned an outstanding safety record – a comforting thought when you take to the air.

The Quantum features a unique gas strut, which lifts the wing for you during the rigging process, saving your back. The composite seat with integral pilot back-rest still leads the way in comfort, which means you can enjoy your Quantum for longer.

The adjustable pedals and optional modular cushion system mean everyone from the shortest to the tallest can be comfortable in flight.

The Rotax 912 is a four-cylinder 80 hp four-stroke engine that is liquid and air cooled, and which offers the ultimate flexwing performance, reliability and economy. What makes the Quantum so special is the sheer cohesion of the design. Effortless to rig, comfortable to sit in, stylish to look at and a joy to fly.

Technical information regarding this aircraft is available from the manufacturer, P&M Aviation.





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