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About FLY365 UK

FLY365 UK operates throughout Lincolnshire and runs throughout the year.
Enjoy a Introductory flight in a flex-wing with a qualified pilot, whether you've always wanted to experience the feel of the skies in a microlight, maybe you want to tackle a fear of flying to open up the chance of going further afield for holidays..........or buy that special person a gift that will bring smiles for many years to come.
Whichever it is... an introductory flight is for exactly all of these reasons...
Book a Trial Lesson if you want to go further and train for your NPPL(M),
Flex-wing Microlight
For those who have dreamed of a flight in a flex-wing microlight, this is the perfect opportunity to enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience. After a safety briefing, slip on some flight gear before taking a seat in the aircraft. An experienced pilot will then prepare for take-off before navigating the skies in this brilliant aircraft. Delight in the exhilarating rush of flying in an open cockpit and soak up the incredible bird’s-eye views whilst soaring through the sky. This adrenaline-packed flight is full of fun and adventure. Be swept away with this flying experience, which is a dream come true for enthusiasts and the ideal thrill for those keen to sit back and enjoy a memorable flight in the skies 
Key Info
On arrival you will be given a safety briefing, you will be dressed in appropriate clothing for your flight, watch the pilot as they go through the pre flight safety checks, before heading off into the skies to sit back and relax for a truly breathtaking experience. Friends and family are welcome to come along and view your experience.
Wolds View Introductory Flight - 45 mins 
Coastal View Introductory Flight - 60 mins 
Humber View Introductory Flight - 90 mins 
Circuit Introductory Flight - 20 mins 
Fly Therapy Introductory Flight - 10 mins
Optional Extra
Inflight video of your flight to share with friends and family 
Availability Description
Available Tuesday–Sunday, year round, excluding the Christmas and New Year period. 
All dates are subject to availability.
All vouchers are valid for 12 months from date of purchase
Booking your flight
Online payments are kept safe and secure with Sumup.
On receipt of your voucher contact us to book your flight and discuss plane preferance.
Participant Guidelines
Maximum weight is 15 stone and minimum age is 14. Under 18's must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who'll be required to sign a disclaimer.
This experience is weather dependant and although it is possible to fly in rain and reasonably windy conditions, it is recommended to wait for calmer conditions; please call for a weather check before the flight. 
Please note
The flights available are conducted as Introductory flights and are not required to operate to the same safety standards as a flight operated by the holder of an air operator certificate (AOC). 

FLY365 UK offer flights and training in our Microlights or in your own aircraft. 

Our services include:

  • Trial Lessons
  • Introductory Flights 
  • Flight Training
  • Flight Gift Vouchers

Assuming you want to go ahead and learn to fly, you can do this at your own pace - from one hour per month to a full intensive course. Good accommodation is available locally if required. All training is completed on two-seat, dual-control aircraft, with an instructor, using radio intercom and training to the appropriate official syllabus. Training on your own aircraft, if suitable, is a possibility.

If you are thinking of becoming a pilot, don't be put off by the thought of winter. Although the British winter brings poor weather, some winter days can produce the best flying conditions. Flying on one of those crisp, clear, winter days over a snowscape, in itself, makes learning to fly worthwhile. 


What you will need to do to get your license

NPPL Microlight Fixed wing and Flex wing (National Issued PPL for a two seat single Piston Engine aircraft with an MTOW of 600Kg

To fly a microlight in the UK, you will need a National Private Pilot Licence, with a rating which covers microlight aircraft. This licence is issued by the Civil Aviation Authority, and is called an NPPL(M).

The NPPL (M) unrestricted licence

This consists of both flight and ground based activities. The minimum requirements before applying to the CAA for your NPPL (M) license are:

  • Flight time under instruction – 25 hours in total, which has to include the following:-
  • Flight time solo – 10 hours
  • Total navigation flight time – 5 hours
  • Solo navigation flight time – 3 hours

The solo navigation hours must include EITHER Two Qualifying Cross-Country Flights, each having a minimum total flight distance of 40nm, with a landing at another site which is at least 15nm measured in a straight line, from the take off site where the flight began. OR A single flight of at least 100nm, with 2 landings at other sites, each of which are more than 15nm, measured in a straight line, from the point of take-off and from the take-off site from which the flight began.

You will need to hold a valid medical declaration / certificate in order to fly solo. We recommend you obtain this as early into your training as possible.

There are 5 ground based written exams that you need to pass:

  • Air Law
  • Meteorology
  • Navigation
  • Aeroplane Technical
  • Human Performance & Limitations

Once you have completed the minimum requirements and you have met the required standards, you will be ready to take a General Skills Test (GST) and Ground Oral Exam with a CAA approved Examiner.

Subject to passing the tests, you will be ready to submit your application to the CAA for your unrestricted NPPL(M) license

The hours that are indicated here are the minimums that are set by the CAA, however, the actual time taken to obtain your license will depend entirely on your progression through the syllabus and your ability to complete flying exercises to the required standard. There is no proven way to gauge how long this might be exactly, though previous flying experience may be useful in speeding up this process; an approximation of around a year to complete the license requirements is a reasonable expectation.


The NPPL (M) restricted licence

This consists of both flight and ground based activities but has fewer requirements and therefore makes it a more affordable way to gain a license.

The minimum requirements before applying to the CAA for your NPPL (M) restricted license are:

  • 15 hours Flying time in total, which must include 7 hours solo
  • 5 Ground based examinations passed (as unrestricted licence)
  • Valid medical declaration/certificate
  • General Skills Test / Ground Oral Exam

Please Note: The restrictions on this licence are;

  • The pilot must not fly more than 8nm from the departure airfield.
  • The pilot must not fly when the cloud base is lower than 1000ft above ground level (AGL) and/or visibility is less than 10KM.
  • You may not carry a passenger

You can upgrade to the full, unrestricted licence, with additional training within 2 years.



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