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About FLY365

FLY365 operates from the old RAF Wickenby Control Tower and runs throughout the year. Enjoy a friendly chat over a cup of coffee in front of a real fire. In short, we offer good hospitality in comfortable surroundings rather than the usual cold portakabin of many other flying schools. There is a excellent selection of hot and cold food, bar and outside seating area outside. Members and their guests are always welcome. Some call in for coffee or hot meal even when they are not flying.

FLY365 offer flights and training in Flex Wing Microlights, Fixed Wing Microlights, Cessna 152's, de Havilland Tiger Moth and Aerobatic training can be provided in our ;Zlin 242 side-by-side Aircraft.

Our services include:

  • Trial Lesson Gift Vouchers
  • GFTs (General Flight Tests)
  • Aircraft Shares
  • Annual Permits/Servicing
  • Certificates of Experience and Test
  • Flight Training
  • Microlight Sales
  • Microlight Servicing and Rotax Engine Servicing

Assuming you want to go ahead and learn to fly, you can do this at your own pace - from one hour per month to a full intensive course. Good accommodation is available locally, if required. All training is completed on two-seat, dual-control aircraft, with an instructor, using radio intercom and training to the appropriate official syllabus. Training on your own aircraft, if suitable, is a possibility.

If you are thinking of becoming a pilot, don't be put off by the thought of winter. Although the British winter brings poor weather, some winter days can produce the best flying conditions. Flying on one of those crisp, clear, winter days over a snowscape, in itself, makes learning to fly worthwhile. 


FLY365 gives you access to top of the range aircraft at an affordable level and we also offer lease shares in various aircraft. Once you have gained your licence we can help you stay in the air for minimal outlay.  Please contact us for details.


What you will need to do to get your license

There are currently 3 licence types you can train towards, aircraft licenses for the initial PPL (Private Pilot's Licence) are all take off weight related. You will see below the term MTOW (Maximum Take Off Weight) which includes aircraft, fuel and pilot/passenger(s).

EASA PPL SEP (ICAO internationally recognised PPL for Single Engine Piston Aircraft MTOW 5600Kgs

At FLY365 Limited we operate two Cessna aircraft, the best training aircraft in the world and we train according to an approved syllabus, which meets the requirements laid down by the Civil Aviation Authority. The training syllabus starts with general handling exercises, moves on to practice take-off and landings, leading up to your first solo. This is followed by advanced exercises, cross country navigation and instrument flight. There is a 'skills test' in flying and ground exams which are all conducted at the school in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere by our resident examiner. Successful completion leads to the granting of a PPL

NPPL SEP (National Issued PPL, Single Piston Engine aircraft with a MTOW of 2000Kg

To encourage more people to take up recreational flying the National Private Pilots Licence was recently devised as a cheaper alternative to the JAR PPL. The main difference is the number of flying hours one needs to do before applying for the licence. This has been reduced to a minimum of 32 hours plus a skills test. The other differences that are significant are that the medical is much less stringent than for the JAR PPL. However with the NPPL the pilot can only fly in the United Kingdom. The syllabus is essentially the same as the JAR PPL, although the requirement for basic instrument flying is much more limited. The same ground exams are used for both licences and so the amount of groundschool work required is similar. The following chart outlines some of the basic regulations, similarities and differences between the two types of PPL. The Chief Flying Instructor will be happy to provide advice on which type of licence will best suit your needs.

NPPL Microlight (National Issued PPL for a two seat single Piston Engine aircraft with a MTOW of 450Kg

After approximately 12-18 hours training, depending on commitment and aptitude, you will be flying solo ( any flying experience will shorten this rule). A good rule of thumb is that it will take around half your age in hours to reach the solo point. Before flying solo, you must be in possession of a current medical certificate from your GP (General Practitioner). However, a medical is not required to fly when under dual instruction.

To obtain your full unrestricted licence you are required to fly a minimum total of 25 hours under training, of which 10 must be solo.

Ground exams in Air Law, Aeroplanes Technical, Navigation, Meteorology, and Human Performance and Limitations.  All exams are of the multiple choice type - exams can be taken at the FLY365 flying school. We also run a ground school in these subjects, to help those of you who have problems finding study time at home.

When complete you are then free to fly anywhere in the British Isles and Europe subject to normal air rules.


Save on Flight Training (Term & Conditions apply)

Fly365 operates a flight training discount scheme where if 10 hours of Flight Training are prepurchase, once the 10 hours are completed, the 11th hour is complimentary!

These prepurchased 10 hours must be used within 365 Days of the purchase date for the complimentary 1 hour to be issued.

Any requests for refunds must be recieved in writing to Fly365 Limited within 365 days of the purchase date, for a consideration of a refund the below rates will apply.

Request to refund unused flying hours prepurchased between 1 & 3 calender months 100% refund 


Request to refund unused flying hours prepurchased between 3 & 6 calender months   75% refund

Request to refund unused flying hours prepurchased between 6 & 9 calender months 50% refund

Request to refund unused flying hours prepurchased between 9 & 12 calender months 25% refund

No refund after 12 months or 365 days after purchase.



FLY365 Limited

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